Everything happened so fast.  Remembering who I was had a numerous amount of consequences both for better and worse.  Being engaged again left a fluttering in my stomach that made me the happiest in years.  On the other hand however I had no idea what James would do when he found out where I had been and that I wasn't coming home.  

It was almost midnight when I walked through the doors into Sam's place weary and exhausted from the day's events.  I knew I had to stay up however.  I highly doubted that James would leave this alone overnight but we agreed to wait until tomorrow to go to the police.  And so, Sam brewed us two cups of coffee to sip on as we waited.

When nothing happened for over an hour I began to get antsy.

"What do you think he'll do?"  I ask.  I didn't feel any fear but I knew I should.  

"I don't know."  Sam had been silent since we came home and he spoke those words so inaudibly that I almost missed it.

"Everything's going to be fine."  I attempt to reassure him.

"You don't know that."

"Yes, I do.  We have each other now whether he likes it or not and we can protect one another."  My hand rests on his arm.  "I think he's done.  We'll go to the police in the morning.  He does't want to take any more risks.  Don't worry ok?" 

"No.  I was supposed to keep you safe all of those years ago and I couldn't.  It's my job to protect you.  I wasn't prepared then but I am now.  I don't want you to worry about me.  I'm not the one in danger."  His eyes stare into mine with a firm gaze.  "I won't let anyone touch you."  He leans over me and I feel my heart beat against my chest.  Pausing just a mere two inches from my face I take in the sight of his ocean-like eyes and black hair.  Oh!

He touches his lips to mine.  The strength he has makes me gasp but I kiss him back enjoying his arms around me, holding me in a firm embrace.  The tiredness I felt before has been replaced with excitement and nervousness.  His lips touch my neck and progressively move down. 
 I feel his breath on my chest and the touch of his skin upon my own.  The touch of his muscles make me feel safe in his arms and I melt.  Everything feels so right.  He unclasps my bra and touches the small of my back sending shivers up my spine.  I remove his shirt.  He removes mine and slips off my skirt as well.   He presses me into the couch, restraining my movements.  I want no one but him and the pleasure and love I feel have no words to describe.  Forever we lay there.  

"You're mine Grace and I have and will love you every day forever and always."  He says breathily.

A wave of tiredness rushes over me.  "I love you too."  I reply faintly.  "I'm so glad we've found each other.  Maybe everything will finally be over."  I speak those final words before I am dragged into a deep sleep.

The morning comes much too soon.  I wake up to the sound of birds outside the window chirping merrily.  A soft blanket is draped over my naked body and as I hear the sound of running water I know Sam's already up and in the shower.  A soft smile spreads across my face.  This is the life I've always wanted and now I have an opportunity to have it.  

I stand and drape the blanket over my shoulders.  An odd feeling rushes over me in an instant.  I feel... weak.  I ignore it however.  This had been happening to me lately.  Most likely from dehydration or something.

I grab a glass of water taking slow sips as something something catches my eye.  A message has been written in bright red paint on the window.

"It's not over unless I say it is."

I shut my eyes tight trying to block it out.  But when I open them the only change is there's more to the message.  The newspaper articles I found are hanging there with "Take that as a warning" written across them.  I gasp when I see a hooded figure not ten feet away.

"Sam!"  I scream.  "Sam!"  

The water stops and I feel another panic attack coming on.  My breathing becomes short while my lungs feel as if they are being crushed.  Fear is gripping and clawing at me.  I fall to the floor seeing only dark as I pass out into the unknown just the same as the night I went missing.

My thoughts blind me as I rush to turn off the water and grab a towel.  What's going on?  Did he come for her?  I scramble to open the door.  "Grace!"  

Her body is limp on the floor.  Oh god!  Is she dead?!  My heart races as I fumble to check her heart beat to make sure it's still there.  

Thump-thump.  Thump-thump.  

A breathe a sigh of relief and take a moment to look around.  There's nothing except a broken glass and water spilled everywhere.  I take a moment to peek out the window and still see nothing.  What could have happened?  I easily lift up her body and set her down so she is laying flat on the couch.  I grab a pillow and prop her feet up to help circulate the blood and then pick up the sharp pieces all strewn across the floor.

After a few minutes she begins to stir.  I rush to her to hold one of her hands between both of mine.  Her eyes flutter open and she bolts upright.  

"Did I-"

"Yeah.  But you're safe now.  What happened?"

"Sam the window!  The writing!  He was in the woods and...and..."  Her voice trails off.  "Where did it go?"  

"Grace there wasn't any writing."  

"He must have erased it.  Sam I swear!  I'm not making this up!"  She's almost crying now.

"I know."  I reply hurriedly.  But I'm worried about her. If she's telling the truth how could someone erase a message so quickly?  It took me not even a minute to reach her.  And whatever triggered that fainting spell...  "I know." I repeat.  She clutches on to my arm and holds me close.              

I break away from her.  "I'll get you something to eat ok?"  She nods uneasily.  I hadn't realized how fragile she's become.  

I walk over to the pantry and pull out some crackers for her to nibble on.  A knock on the door startles me and I head over to answer it.  A delivery-man stands in front of me with a small package.  "You Sam Knox?"  He asks.  


"Sign here for me please."

I do as I'm told, take the package, and thank the man as he leaves.  

"Who's it from?"  Grace's quavering voice asks.  

"Doesn't say."  I frown slightly and open the cardboard box.  

Inside is a single piece of paper.  It reads: "Ever hear of the phrase 'silent as the grave'?"  I look up slowly at Grace.  

"You aren't lying."  

Her face turns a shade paler than it was.  "What is it?" 

"Doesn't matter.  We're leaving.  Now."

And even as I say those words, I hope to God that I'm not making a mistake.

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