Hey everyone!  I'm so excited to share with you a excerpt from my upcoming story, Never Forget!  There are no pictures to with it, as I want the characters looks to be a surprise.  Hopefully you enjoy it!

"Grace."  His breath is warm and sweet as his face leans in to press his soft lips against my own.  I allow my thoughts to melt away for the brief amount of seconds that our lips meet.  When the cold night air touches them once more I stare into his icy blue eyes.  

"Yes?"  I reply slowly, hoping and praying for the moment to never come to an end.

He drew in a breath as if ready to say something longer but instead he simply replied with a faint "Goodnight"  and reluctantly let go of my hand as I turned and travelled up the porch steps into the dimly lit house.  The moment before I closed the door I could have sworn I heard the words "My love" sound in addition to his "Goodnight" with his silk-like voice.

When I hear the door click my body let out a deep sigh and I smile.  "Goodnight, Sam."  I continue to stay by the door for moment upon moment until I hear him drive away.  Upstairs, I let my hair go wild while I untangle all the snarls caught in the midst.  Eventually, I curl up into the covers and drift off to sleep.

These final moments, little did I know, would be all I would have left. 

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