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"Keep your eyes closed."  I smile and do as I'm told as I hear the creaking sound of a gate opening.  

Today is our four month anniversary together.  This morning I had asked Sam if I could move in with him as my present.  We agreed not to get each other anything too extravagant but by the sounds of things Sam did not follow that rule in the slightest.  

"Okay."  He says.  "Open."  My eyelids open wide to reveal a fairytale of a garden.  I look at him in awe. "It's all yours."  He says.  And I can't believe it.  How ever did he manage this?  The garden's blossoms are poking out everywhere in an ornate collection of petals.  The smell of lilacs and roses delight my senses but the thought that he put into this makes my heart swell.  And that feeling is the best of all.
"What happened to nothing too extravagant?"  I laugh.  "Now my 'present' looks like trash!"  But I can't even pretend I'm unhappy.  "How did you do this?  Is this really all for us?"  My feet hop up onto a small ledge and he grabs my hand gliding me along elegantly.  When it ends he stops me swiftly and holds me hands in his.

"First, that's my little secret.  And second, you're present was and is perfect.  Especially," He pauses and reaches into his coat for something.  "Especially because I know that I have a better chance of you saying yes to this.  Grace Smith, will you marry me?"  I can only stare at the box he just opened.  A glistening silver band of diamonds sits amongst the silk fabric lining the inside.  The love I felt before is nothing compared to now.  There are no words to describe how I feel.  It hurts how much I love him.
"There's nothing I want more!"  He slides the ring onto my finger gently with a beaming smile and he stands up to give me my first kiss to him as his fiancé.

"Good."  He replies, breaking away from the kiss.  "I know we're moving fast Grace but I love you with my whole heart and soul.  There is no one else I want to spend my life with."  He hugs me tight.

We spend the rest of the day in the garden except for the time used up for dinner.  When night has long since fallen he escorts me home.  

"I wish I didn't have to go."  I say.  

"Why do you?"

"Because,"  I reply.  "You don't want me tired for the move this week."  Part of me is hoping he'll find an excuse for me to stay.  When he doesn't I start to head into my house for what will be one of my last nights. But he reaches and grabs my arm.

"Grace."  His breath is warm and sweet as his face leans in to press his soft lips against my own.  I allow my thoughts to melt away for the brief amount of seconds that our lips meet.  When the cold night air touches them once more I stare into his icy blue eyes.  

"Yes?"  I reply slowly, hoping and praying for the moment to never come to an end.

He drew in a breath as if ready to say something longer but instead he simply replied with a faint "Goodnight"  and reluctantly let go of my hand as I turned and travelled up the porch steps into the dimly lit house.  The moment before I closed the door I could have sworn I heard the words "My love" sound in addition to his "Goodnight" with his silk-like voice.

When I hear the door click my body lets out a deep sigh and I smile.  "Goodnight, Sam."  I continue to stay by the door for moment upon moment until I hear him drive away.  Upstairs, I let my hair go wild while I untangle all the snarls caught in the midst.  Eventually, I curl up into the covers and drift off to sleep.
When the morning comes I drag myself out of bed much unwillingly.  As I do so, I notice an alert on my phone.  It's a text from Sam.  There's an emergency at work and he'll be in Bridgeport for the day.  I sigh.  At least I'll be able to pack without distractions.  

I get dressed and head to the U-Haul store for some boxes and packing tape.  As I begin to box things up the realization that I'll never live in this house again hits me.  I feel a sudden wave of sadness as I look around the old building.  I was raised in this very house.  When my parents died, I took ownership.  Now, I remember the times I had here.  James and I would come through those doors and trudge out back to the playground in our yard.  We would spend hours there playing hide-and-go-seek and whatever else we could conjure up.  I smile to myself.  James was there for me then and in realizing that, I found that I wanted him to be here for me now too.  He made a mistake but that doesn't mean I can't forgive him.  He's my best friend.  I need to be there for him.  
Setting everything down, I grab my keys, hop into my car and leave a note for Sam just in case he gets home early and I'm not there.  The hum of the engine helps to calm my nerves.  I have no idea what to say to him.  I attempt to distract myself the entire ride there.  With only a mile left to go my heart is pounding.  I look down, my fingers struggling to find the on switch for the radio.  When I look up I see a figure standing in the middle of the road.  I swerve and the next thing I see is dark.


I walk up the steps to Sam's apartment.  My hands are shaking and I have to take deep breaths to calm myself down.  

My thoughts are racing a million miles an hour.  What if he thinks I'm crazy?  What if he doesn't believe me?  My hand meets the wooden door to knock.  The time it takes waiting for him to answer feels like an eternity because of my nerves.  When the door finally swings open, it leaves me face-to-face with Sam.
"Hey Sam.  Can we talk?"  

He nods and motions for me to come inside.  I do and take a seat on the sofa.  When he seats himself next to me he looks at me expectantly.  I realize I need to speak first.

"Okay,"  I say and utter a breathy laugh to ease some of the tension building up.  "When we met that day on the hill I couldn't help but feel like you recognized me a little.  Like we had met before.  And maybe I did too.  I don't know.  Lately, I've been seeing flashes of what I think could be my past."  I'm talking fast to help with my nerves.

"You see, I can only remember things up to about five years ago.  And after I met you, well, it's hard to explain and you're probably going to think I'm crazy but I've been seeing you.  In my head that is.  And before you judge, please, I-I found something last night in James' office.  I found the newspaper from when Grace was kidnapped.  The picture of her... Sam... I think it's me."

My muscles tense, readying myself for him to yell, tell me I'm wrong.  Kick me out and tell James everything.  I didn't mean to say everything so fast but I'm just so nervous.  I'm sure he can hear my heart beating through my chest like a drum.  He's going to think I'm mocking him.  

But that's where he surprises me.  "I know you are."  He replies simply.

I'm stunned.  "Then why haven't you said anything?  You miss her, I mean me, don't you?"  And that's when I realize everything.  He hates James because he stole me.  But how?  It doesn't make any sense.  I was missing.  Gone.  How would he have me and why wouldn't anyone have noticed?  Especially Sam?  Maybe we're both wrong.  I sigh and start to get up.  "I'm sorry."  I whisper.  "I'll just go."  He grabs my arm and seats me back down.  

"I haven't said anything because I couldn't.  I only just realized everything that day on the beach and James has been guarding you relentlessly.  I haven't had a chance to talk to you.  I don't think we're wrong about this.  And I have a way to prove it."

I look at him questioningly.

"There's one place that I think you would remember if you saw it.  If you want, I'll take you."  

I hesitate but then nod.  I can trust him.  "Lead the way."

We both begin to stand as he asks one more question.  "Does he know you're here?"

"No."  I reply.  "One of his friends had trouble with something and he went to help.  I don't really know but he won't be gone too much longer.  How far is this place?"

"Not far."  He says and grabs his coat before leading the both of us out of the house.

After roughly a half an hour we reach our destination.  Eliza wobbles out of the car, sickness from the drive making her shaky.  She grasps my arm weakly and laughs at herself.  

"I'm sorry Sam.  I just need some air."  She looks around as if just realizing where we are.  "Oh my God.  It's beautiful." 

All around us was an array of warm colored flowers with bright green leaves encasing the petals.  The sun made her hair glow with a golden color and her eyes sparkled.  Looking at her, I wanted to kiss her right there.  Make her remember everything.  That thought reminded me of why we were here in the first place.  "Eliza?  Are you remembering anything?"  

I realize then how silent she is.  "Eliza?"  

She stares ahead of her and takes a slow step forward.  Her hand grasps a white flower splashed with pink while her other arm unlinks from my own.  Unblinking, she continues looking in front of her.  I am about to shake her out of whatever trance she is in when she unhurriedly turns her body around so we are face-to-face.  The corners of her mouth lift up into a slight smile and a tear slips down the curve of her cheekbones.  "I-I know this place.  I know you."  She whispers.  "I'm your Grace, and you're my Sam."

I rush to her grabbing her by the waist and swinging her around as she laughs and fights the tears of happiness now streaming down her face.
I stop spinning her and hold her close.  "Iv'e missed you so much Grace."

She buries her head in my chest.  "And I miss you so much right now it hurts.  I can't be close enough to you."  Her arms tighten around me.

We stay there for the longest time until I see her eyes peer up at me.  "What are you thinking about?"  She inquires innocently.  

"You."  I reply.  "How unbearable these past few years have been.  I thought I would never see you again."

Her eyes close and she breathes in slowly.  We enjoy the moment not bothering to worry about anything except each other.

The lights in the house are on when I steer the car into the driveway.  When I get inside Eliza is nowhere to be found.  

"Eliza?"  I call out.  No answer.  "Eliza?!"  Still nothing.

My phone rings.  I pick it up immediately.  "Nothing?"  The voice asks.  

"Nothing."  I agree.  A hint of anger edging at my tone.  "I knew this would happen.  She saw the papers last night.  How could I be this stupid?!  What are we going to do now?  She's probably with Sam."  I pace back and forth as I wait for an answer.

"Well, I'll tell you what we're not going to do.  We're not going to let them get to the police.  If they find out about the kidnapping they can trace it back to me and that is something I am not going to let happen."
""So what are you saying?"

"I don't know yet. But it might be kind of fun to toy with them a little bit don't you think?  We deserve a little revenge after all they've done."

"What's the plan?"

"I'll tell you in the morning.  Just get some rest and prepare for tomorrow."

I hang up the phone.  Revenge sounds like a good option, but I can't help but feel guilt for what I've done.  Maybe I should quit now...  No!  I scold myself.  I have to do this and I will enjoy every bit of it.


Alright guys!  Here it is!  Hope you all enjoy!


Sunday morning dawned upon me quickly.  I opened my eyes to the pale darkness of the early morning and I dragged myself from bed and downstairs to the kitchen, where I piled some food on a plate for my breakfast.  I looked over at the clock and almost jumped in surprise at the time.  I needed to hurry or I wouldn't be able to make my usual stop at the bakery.

I sped to the bathroom where I put on a change of clothes and brushed my teeth.  When I reached the front door I stopped in surprise.  There, on the mat, was a beautiful rose.  A flutter of happiness rushes through me and I decide to take it with me as I head on my way.

I make my way into the familiar sight of the bakery.  I hold in my hand the rose, smiling. James was behind the counter, silent, as I walked in.  

"Good morning."  I tried that out for size, but to no avail.  

He walked away towards the far wall taking a loaf of bread out of the oven.  He slams it on the back counter and begins cutting it with a knife.  Eventually, out of frustration, he throws the bread against the wall and sticks the knife in the wood.

"James?"  My voice is weak.  
"What?!"  He yells.  

I stagger backwards even though there's a counter between us.  "James," I say.  "You're scaring me."

He moves towards me in three purposeful strides.  I turn to leave but he grabs my arm.  I gasp and turn to face him.   His eyes are fired with hatred, more so than I had ever seen them.  

"How could you do this?!"  He demands.  


"Does he hurt you?  Has he made you do this?!"


"Sam!  Has Sam hurt you?"  He's grabbed me by both arms and he shakes with rage.

"No!"  I cry.  "No!  Never!"
"No!"  I cry.  "No!  Never!"

He tosses me to the side and pounds his fists against the wall.

I lay on the ground in a sobbing heap.  

I hear his footsteps move and then stop.  I feel his eyes staring at me but I don't make an effort to look into them.  I just stay where I am and close my eyes.

"What have I done?"  He murmurs and rushes out of the room.

As I open my eyes, the only thing I see is the rose.  Broken and mangled.  It's petals laying in pieces across the wooden floor.


Two weeks had come to pass since the incident on the beach and James still hadn't spoken a word to me about why it had happened in the first place.  Not only that, but out of my "best interest" I could only leave the house if I was accompanied by James.  I didn't argue, but the whole situation was making me increasingly smothered by the lack of freedoms I had.

In addition to all of the troubles with James, the visions of Sam were showing up more and more often.  The fragments soon began piecing together like a jig-saw puzzle.  I could fit them together and soon it felt like I was watching a movie.  It was all through my eyes which was great except for the fact that I couldn't see my own face.

The T.V. turned on downstairs and so I began walking down to see if James wanted to watch a movie or something with me.

On my way down the hall I noticed that the door to his study had been left slightly ajar.  It was usually kept locked but for some reason he must have forgotten to close it on his way downstairs.
I started to walk away, but then I had an idea.

I'm usually not one to snoop around, but I've always wondered what was in there.  James had been so distant lately anyways, always staying in here.  I push the door open and tip-toe inside, holding my breath.  If I was caught I would never hear the end of it.

I continue on towards the desk and pause to see the papers on the table. 

"Ah!"  I gasp and then quickly cover my hands over my mouth. 

There on the desk is a scrap of a newspaper with an article about the kidnapping of Grace Smith.  I take a seat and look the paper over carefully.  I read: 

April 2, 2008--- Last night, Grace Smith, who just turned 19 in February, was last seen by a local witness as she was driving to visit an old classmate, James Thomas.  Not a half an hour after her last sighting, her car was found abandoned in a ditch and no sign of her body has been found.  No damage done to the car, the police asked anyone with information on the girl to contact their dispatch immediately using the number below.

I move down to a later article and continue:

 June 16, 2009--- Families all across the town are mourning for the loss of the young woman who went missing April 2 of last year. Grace Smith, the victim of the tragedy had been living without her parents who had died in a car crash just a little less than a year before she went missing.  However, police have found no reason to believe the events are connected.

Now, after over a year of searching, Samuel Knox, the boyfriend of the girl and closest to her, has asked that the search come to a close...
He has refused to make a statement to the press on the matter, almost any matter regarding the tragedy in fact.  Bianca Delmar, who is close to Sam has confided in us that, "He is not doing well.  The whole thing has really beat him up.  I won't go into it further but please, just leave him be.  It's hard enough on him already."
I stop and absorb everything that I just read but I don't get much time.  My eyes meander down the pages to a picture of the girl.  He hair is a few shades darker than my own and her face is younger.  Her lips are red in contrast to my own pale ones but her eyes are the same.  Abruptly, I stand up and run out of the room.  My breaths have turned shallow and begin to have a panic attack.  Oh God!  Not now!  Not now!  I try to calm down but it's too late.  James is already up the stairs looking at me with concern.  

"Are you ok?  What happened?"

"I- uh- I"  I'm trying to catch my breath long enough to talk but its not working.  "I-I saw some...one...  I think."

"Where?"  His voice is firm.

"Out...side the window."

A crease forms in his brow.  "Will you be ok while I check it out?"

I nod and he leaves in a hurry.  

I begin to calm down a bit but my mind is still going a million miles an hour, not believing what I just saw.

The girl in the picture was me.

The past two weeks had been hectic.  I moved out of the house I had shared with Bianca and was now living in an apartment of my own.  Eliza hadn't spoken a word to me, as she was always surrounded by James.  James had made a few threats since the last fight we had but I just ignored them.  They gave me all the more reason to believe he was hiding something from me and was worried I was uncovering it.

Proving who Eliza really was, was turning into quite the challenge.  The theory I concocted in my head was as follows: Eliza had lost all memory of her being Grace.  James had found her and has been pretending he doesn't know her past but has become her lover to ensure she doesn't find me.  In order to jog her memory, I had to bring up a major past event that triggered a powerful emotion.  She seemed shocked when she saw our initials on the tree and I could've sworn there might have been a little bit of recognition, no matter how small.

I knew the exact thing I was going to show her but I needed enough time for the drive to get there and having her for that long without James was almost impossible.

I set the bags of groceries I just bought from the store on my kitchen counter and answer the phone that's now buzzing in my pocket.  Bianca is on the other end.
"Sam?"  She says a little unsure.  

I take a deep breath.  "Bianca."

"Hi Sam."  She sounded shaky.  "I know we haven't talked since we broke up but I really want to apologize for everything.  What happened to Grace was horrible and I know you still blame James for that.  I hope that you forgive me and maybe you will consider coming back?"

I stand in shock.  When I finally find the strength to speak I say, "I'm sorry Bianca.  Really.  But that just isn't a good idea right now.  I forgive you and I'm sorry as well but things are complicated right now.  I'm really sorry."

She sighs.  "It's ok Sam.  I know how you feel and I can't blame you.  Can we maybe meet up sometime though for coffee or something?"

"Yeah.  That would be great."

"Ok.  I'll talk to you later."


I hang up the phone and sit in silence for a moment until I am interrupted by a knock on the door.  I hesitate knowing full well it might be James on the other side.  I pull the blinds slightly open on the right side of the door and almost jump back when I see who is standing right outside.