This is my first community lot.  :)  It's a park for your adorable little child sims.  It includes three different tree houses, swings, a slide, a small pond, and picnic benches.  Enjoy!

Requirements: Generations, Worlds Adventures, and Ambitions.  Ambitions is needed for some plants and World Adventures is optional.  All I used World Adventures for was a terrain paint under the pond.  No CC.
As promised, here are some sims to add to the downloads page.  I used all of these sims in my spring screenshots and I hope you enjoy them!  I only have the names of the creators of the cc not the links but I will post those soon!  ^_^

Skin: Klavix
Eyes: Shojo Angel
Hair: Newsea, Cazy
Make-up: S-Club
Clothes: Anubis Under the Sun, TSR

The Modern Town Home is a small lot that includes three bedrooms and one bath.  The backyard consists of a pool and a small patch of grass for the kids to play on.  The kitchen is fully equipped and a lounge upstairs makes this home perfect for the family!  This lot is meant for a corner lot in Prato di Livori but is still amazing no matter where you put it!  Thank you to all artists whose creations I used!