As of today I am officially back!

I am all ready for a new sims story and am in the process of creating the world in my game.  Chapter one is written, the rest is planned out, and I'm finally happy with the results.  (Well, as happy as a perfectionist like me will be)

I should have chapter one published very soon!  I'm currently working on the lot I'm going to use in the stories and I have to go through the whole character creation progress.  I will post pictures on the Imperfect Perfections tab on the left.

That's all for now!  Merci!  :)

Okay, so this is just a little update on everything that's been going on and what direction I'm taking over the next few months...

I am not writing Imperfect Perfections right now.  I have already written up to chapter three and now that I need to start taking screenshots I just can't find the motivation for it.  As soon as the new school year starts I might be able to get into it more but until then I can't.

Although my sims stories aren't going to be available for a while I have been taking lots of new directions with my writing.  I need lots of practice because quite frankly my writing isn't where I want it to be right now.  I've had some requests asking me to make longer stories or just more of them, even if not with the screenshots.  So that's what I'm going to do.  Hopefully when I get back from my break I will have a bunch of stories to share with you!

My goal is to write one nonfiction and one fiction piece a week.  Just short stories that are a few pages long.  I am always looking for challenges so if you want to give me a topic to write about by all means, please  do!  

Even though this isn't goodbye, I would like to thank you all for reading!  See you soon!  :)
I just bought ambitions, showtime, and generations! I'm excited but I seriously had a mini breakdown because I spent the money.  (I'm fine when I spend other people's money. . . not so much when it comes to mine.  lol.)

Anyways, this means I get to create some better stuff and have more fun with my game! 

In reality, there wasn't much point to this post but I felt like sharing anyways!   Lata!   😋
Hai!  It's me again. :)  I haven't updated this section of my blog here in a while and now that Never Forget is finished, I thought it was about time to tell you what to expect!  

1.I have a new story that I will be releasing the first chapter of within the next two weeks.  

2. I am going to be creating more sims/households that will be up for download.

3. I am starting a WCIF section that will sort of be like a magazine.  I will just be telling you where to find all sorts of cc for your game.  

Thanks for visiting!  Very excited to share these things with you!  ^_^
Hey everyone!  It's now march and this blog has been officially running for almost four months now!  :)  The Never Forget sims I have decided won't be posted until after the story has finished, however I have posted the sims that I used in my spring screenshots to the downloads page.  Not much new for this month downloads otherwise.  I am starting to create a world but that project will take who knows how long. ^_^

The 14th of this month is my birthday so next week will be busy for me.  If I'm not posting some stuff very often during that time you know why!

Hopefully you all have a wonderful march!  


Hello everyone! It's February first today and so that means I get to give you an update of what to expect this month!

As usual, a new chapter of Never Forget should make its way to you each weekend. Something new to look forward to is more downloads for your game! I am working on releasing some sims to my downloads page. Maybe even the ones I use in Never Forget. :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Here are some screenshots to get you in the mood for valentines day!

As always, thanks for visiting!  
Happy new year everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful 2012!  I know I did!  None of us died in the apocalypse so I see that as a plus!  ;)  Just to let all of you know, I am going to try to post a chapter of Never Forget each week.  If I don't, I am busy getting what I am hoping to be another story to share with all of you.  Enjoy the screenshots and Happy New Year once again!