I just bought ambitions, showtime, and generations! I'm excited but I seriously had a mini breakdown because I spent the money.  (I'm fine when I spend other people's money. . . not so much when it comes to mine.  lol.)

Anyways, this means I get to create some better stuff and have more fun with my game! 

In reality, there wasn't much point to this post but I felt like sharing anyways!   Lata!   😋
Hai!  It's me again. :)  I haven't updated this section of my blog here in a while and now that Never Forget is finished, I thought it was about time to tell you what to expect!  

1.I have a new story that I will be releasing the first chapter of within the next two weeks.  

2. I am going to be creating more sims/households that will be up for download.

3. I am starting a WCIF section that will sort of be like a magazine.  I will just be telling you where to find all sorts of cc for your game.  

Thanks for visiting!  Very excited to share these things with you!  ^_^